“SHRISHTI 2024”: 250 students and 20 faculty members participated!

1. Faculty of Humanities and Science, MAHER successfully organized the annual cultural fest “SHRISHTI 2024” on March 19 & 20, 2024 , open to both students and faculty! The fest featured a variety of engaging activities, including off-stage events such as bottle painting, cooking without fire, soap carving, and nail art, as well as on-stage events like light music, group dance, and talent hunts. Both days were brimming with excitement and enjoyment. A total of 250 students and 20 faculty members actively participated in all the events.

2. Delighted to announce the inauguration of the Placement Club by the MAHER Placement Cell in collaboration with Veranda Clubs on 15th March, 2024! The club will host monthly activities focusing on Competitive Exams, Civil Services, Upskilling, Job Readiness, and Higher Education. Special thanks to the management, principal, Dean of FHS, Placement Officer and Dean of Student Affairs for their approval and support. Gratitude to Mr. Vigneshwaran & Mr. Aravintth of Veranda Clubs for sponsoring UPSC books and contributing to the success of this event.

3. Thrilled to announce a significant achievement at MAHER! It is with immense pride that we share the successful execution of a campus placement drive in collaboration with the esteemed Citi Corp Services on 5th March, 2024. We are delighted to report that a total of 13 offers have been secured highest salary of 4,47,000 per annum.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Vinothini, Mr. Nirmal, Mrs. Sripriya, as well as to all the HR representatives and business executives from the company, for their support and for recognizing the potential in our students.

4. Excited to announce the successful completion of a career guidance program titled “Career Compass-Navigating the Professional Journey” for the students of FHS at MAHER on 6th March 2024. A special shoutout to Rtn. PCR Suresh, Director at EsiGO Consulting, for his insightful address to our students

5. Thrilled to announce two consecutive career guidance programs on “Exploring Career Options through Competitive Exams” for the students of FHS at MAHER! Gratitude to the inspiring speakers Mr. Arul Kumaran S & Mr. Naresh S for their engaging sessions, motivating our students towards competitive exams on 23rd & 28th February, 2024. Special thanks to Aravinthh for coordinating the entire event flawlessly. Also, extremely excited about our association and signing an MOU with Veranda Race.

6. Delighted to share that a career guidance program titled “Night Shifts: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities” was successfully conducted for the students of FHS at MAHER on 21st February. 2024. A special mention goes to Mr. Johnson, Lead of Talent Acquisition at Sutherland Global Solutions, who graciously addressed our students during the session.

7. Dear Connections, It is with immense pride that we share the successful execution of a campus placement drive from Om innovations Pvt Ltd on 15th February, 2024. Delighted to report that a total of 118 offers have been secured a CTC of 1,68,000 per annum. Thanks to Mr.Hari & Mr.Giridhar Balaji for this successful completion.

8. Excited to announce a significant milestone in my journey at MAHER! Proud to have spearheaded a successful campus placement drive in collaboration with the Magic Bus India Foundation. I’m thrilled to share that we’ve secured a total of 268 offers from four esteemed companies, with several students receiving multiple offers. The highest salary offered, a remarkable 230,000 per annum, comes from Jana Small Finance Bank for 73 students. Additionally, we’ve seen strong offers from Net Ambit (55 offers), Altrius Technologies (66 offers), and Poorvika Mobiles (73 offers). Heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Viswa and Mr. Vignesh from Magic Bus, as well as all the HR representatives from the participating companies, for selecting our talented students. Wishing all our bright stars continued success!

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