Firefly Campus Laundry: A Laundry Service With a Cause

Firefly Campus Laundry (FCL) offers free laundry services to Orphanage Homes and Old Age Homes as part of CSR activity.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India: Firefly Campus Laundry (FCL) offers free laundry services to Orphanage Homes and Old Age Homes all across Coimbatore. The service provides On-Demand wet washing, dry cleaning, and garment finishing as part of its CSR activity. Their lightning-fast pickup and delivery service is powered by Swiggy genie.

“How one dress has a significant impact on public perception. Without regard to a person’s ability to pay, cleanliness should be available to everyone. It’s time for us to contribute back to society, and the people we’re reaching out to have earned it more than anybody else. We’ll cater to all their laundry needs free of cost.” says Mrs. Prema G, owner of FCL. “Our company has served the community for over five years. With over 3,000 square feet of space and a 24-hour operation, we can handle any workload with timely delivery. We can process 100 kgs of clothing per hour at our facility. Your clothing will be returned to you in better condition than when we picked it up from you. Thanks to our imported washing machines and fabric-friendly solvents.”

Laundry services at FCL include.

Wet wash and steam press: Firefly Campus Laundry uses the best machines and detergent to handle different kinds of fabric.
Dry cleaning: They only dry clean certain fabrics like silk, woolen, decorative, and bridal dresses. However, it’s done in 24 hours using imported automated machinery.
Special service and packaging: Ceremonial/Wedding dresses and custom requests are handled. Starching, polishing, stain removal, and bespoke packaging are all available.
For more information on their service,

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About FCL:

Mrs. Prema G, FCL
+91 99 44 00 88 11, [email protected]

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