Mahaveeryar movie review

Nivin Pauly and Abrid Shine have come together on many occasions for inventive stories that have caught our attention. In the same way, the duo are back with yet another interesting idea in the form of Mahaveeryar, the latest film on the block.

The film narrates the peculiar story of Apoornnathan (Nivin Pauly) and how he turns up as a know-it-all saint in the court, and then follows it up with another story from the past which is quite eye-opening and shocking. Having two stories in two timelines in hand, director Abrid Shine carries through the film with elan in the first half, giving way to intriguing situations and the way it is handled by Nivin Pauly’s character. It is only in the second half that the film struggles to move ahead smoothly, and has many dry parts associated with it. The climax of the film too, will not be convincing for all.

Nivin Pauly delivers a very good performance in the lead role, and makes his part very compelling as he plays the saint. The actor ensures that the costumes and makeup suit him very well, and do not create a funny scene. Asif Ali has a fine role to play, along with Lal who is adequate. Shanvi Srivastava has picked a superb role bravely and has played it to perfection.

The technicalities of the film are fair, and there is something to cheer for when it comes to the music as well.

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